Customer Service Overview Desktop

Customer Service Overview Desktop

Module : Customer Service Overview Desktop
Topic : Page Overview
Version(s) : Version 5.1 and up 
Editions : Standard, Commerce, Call Center

The Customer Service Overview Desktop is where Customer Service can lookup customers or orders, view training or script documents, punch in and out of work, and look at upcoming C.S. events.


Tiles :

The top of the sales desktop contains a row of tiles. These tiles will display quick stats for the day to the agent. They also serve as hyperlinks to resources for the sales agent.


The Sales Call Log tile will display a count of calls logged for this day for this agent. Clicking on the tile will bring the user to the  Sales Agent Call Log  screen.

The Time Card Utility tile will display the user’s current timecard status. Clicking on the tile will bring the agent to the  Timecard page  where they can punch in or out and see the time log.

The Customer Lookup Tile can be clicked to bring the user to the Customer Lookup feature. 

The Training Documents tile can be clicked to bring the user to the C.S.  Agent Training Materials .


The View Scripts tile can be clicked to bring the user to view C.S.  scripts and other documents

Order Entry :

The Order Entry module can be used to log a call or enter a sale when talking to a customer.  From the C.S.Agent desktop choose to enter an order based on the DNIS, Promo Code or Source Name. 

Enter the value of either the DNIS or the source of the call, then enter the ANI if available (Customer’s telephone #), and click the go button.  The  Order Entry screen  will appear. 

Unresolved Events :

The Unresolved Events module will display a list events that are not complete for the User. The Event Date, Customer Name, Activity, and Notes are listed. Click the  magnifying glass icon to see the even on the Customer Detail Page .

Notification Queue

The Notification Queue module allows the agent to retrieve outbound call back notifications.

  1. Choose the Notification Queue.
  2. Select the Notification Template.
  3. Define the time zone you with the make calls to and click next. If the calls are outside the allowed callback times set in Notification Calling Profiles, you will be prompted to confirm this decision.  The  Internal Notification Detail screen will appear.

Today's CS Events:

The CS Event module displays a pie chart to visualize the proportion of CS Event Records added on this date for the CS Agent. Hovering over the chart will display percentages for each event.



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