RMA Lookup

RMA Lookup

Module : Customer Service
Topic : RMA Lookup
Version(s) : Version 3.5 and up 
Editions : All Editions

RMA Lookup new

The RMA Lookup screen can be used to view RMA's by Order ID, Order Info, Order Date, RMA/status, RMA issue or expiration date.

Navigate to the RMA Lookup screen from the C.S. Agent menu. (C.S. Agent > RMA Lookup)

  1. The screen lists orders sorted by Order Number. To sort the records, click on the hyperlink of the column header you wish to sort by (for example: Shipping Info). Click once for ascending, and then again for descending sort order.
  2. You can search for a specific RMA Number/customer by choosing a filter from the drop down list, choosing a comparison operator, typing a value into the search for text box and then clicking the Apply Filter button. To remove the filter, click the Remove Filter button.
  3. Once you have a filter applied, you will see the "Current Filter:" displayed at the top of the lookup page.
  4. You can change the number of records shown per page by typing a in a new number and clicking the Refresh button.

Select the OrderID hyperlink to open the Order Detail Screen.

Select the Customer Name hyperlink to open the  Customer Detail Screen.

Select the RMA ID hyperlink to open the RMA Detail Screen.

  • To return to the previous page, click the  back button
  • To navigate to the product lookup page, click the  product lookup button.
  • To navigate to the customer lookup page, click the  customer lookup button.
  • To navigate to the order lookup page, click the  order lookup button.
  • To print the current page, click the  print button.

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