Customer DeDupe

Customer DeDupe

Module: System
Path: System > Customer DeDupe
Topic: Customer DeDupe
Version(s):  5.1 and up
Editions: All

What Is Customer DeDupe

Customer DeDupe is an organizational and cleaning process that merges customer records validated via the customers address, name, phone, and email on a per client basis.  This equates to the match settings found on order imports. It is recommended to have a scheduled dedupe run daily as internal sales are not deduped at the point that the order is created unlike order imports using match settings.
When the Customer DeDupe runs, it combines the two customers and adopts the customer ID from the first, or oldest order
The criteria used by the dedupe process is ContactFirstName,ContactLastName,PhoneNumber, clientid. These are the attributes of the customer record itself, not any related records such as attached orders, or address profiles.

Making The Connection

Where Will I See This Within OLX?

There are several screens within OLX that you find the option to dedupe customer records:
  1. Customer Service > CS Event Lookup
  2. Customer Service > Customer Lookup
  3. Customer Service > Order Lookup
  4. Customer Service > Product Lookup
  5. Customer Service > RMA Lookup
  6. System > Customer DeDupe

What Reports Can Be Pulled?

There are no reports at this time that relate to Customer DeDupe. 

What Imports/Exports Relate to Customer DeDupe?

OrderLogix Real-Time Order Submission API import has optional "match settings" to attach an order to an existing customer profile.
OLX Order Import offers a tab Criteria Match for Using an Existing Customer under the Configuration tab that allows you to select the "match settings" to attach an order to an existing customer profile.

Trouble Shooting

Oops, I Did Not Mean To Do That

Did you merge records that should not be? A programmer will have to split the records on the backend.

Order Will Not Import - Says Duplicate Customer

  1. Check to see if the customer has multiple records with a Customer Lookup
    1. If there are multiple records, dedupe customer to one record
    2. If there are not multiple records, try setting all of the customer match settings to "N" as a workaround to get the order imported
      1. This should only be used as an emergency work around
      2. Make sure to submit a helpdesk ticket if issue presents itself again


Navigate to System > Customer DeDupe.

Search Filters:

If you're wanting to only dedupe a specific customer you can set the filters to show results of potential records to merge. 

  1. Set Filter type
    1. The available filters are:
      1. Customer Name
        1. Populated automatically by the Billing Address information
      2. Create Date
        1. Date of first order 
      3. Client
        1. Source of first order
      4. City
      5. State
      6. Zip
      7. Country
      8. Dupes
        1. Number of like records found

  2. Set the Operator
    1. The available operators are:
      1. Equal To
        1. Return only values with exact match to filtered value
      2. Not Equal To
        1. Return only values that do not match the filtered value
      3. Greater Than
        1. Return only values larger than filtered value
      4. Less Than
        1. Return only values smaller than filtered value
      5. Greater Than or Equals To
        1. Return only values that are larger or equal to filtered value
      6. Less Than or Equals To
        1. Return only values that are smaller or equal to filtered value
      7. Starts With
        1. Return only values that start with the filtered value
      8. Contains
        1. Return only values that contain the filtered value
      9. Does Not Start With
        1. Return only values that do not start with the filtered value
      10. Does Not Contain
        1. Return only values that do not contain the filtered value
  3. Insert the value to search

Dupe Criteria:

You can control the search criteria for fields that have to match in order for consideration of being duplicate record.

  1. Dupe Criteria
    1. The criteria options are:
      1. First, Last, Phone
      2. Address Profile
      3. First, Last, Zip
  2. Full Speed
    1. This option will cause job to run quicker but will utilize more resources
  3. Show Schedules
    1. Will display any scheduled dedupe jobs
    2. To schedule a job
      1. Click the Add button 
      2. Set Filter and Criteria parameters
      3. Set name for schedule 

      4. Set time to run

        OR  to link this job to another job

      5. Set if active or inactive schedule
        1. Checked = Schedule is active
        2. Unchecked = Schedule is NOT active

      6. Set Alert
        1. A popup will display the alert settings and criteria
        2. Set Name
        3. Set Condition
          1. Unconditional
          2. On Success
          3. On Failure
        4. Set Delivery Method
        5. Set From Address
        6. Set Email Address
        7. Set CC
        8. Set Subject
        9. Set Message
        10. Click the Save button  
          1. Or the Cancel button  if you do not with to save the schedule and would like to exit the popup
          2. Or the Delete Button  if you want to remove the current scheduled job
      7. Click the Save button 
        1. Or the Cancel button  if you do not with to save the schedule and would like to exit the popup
  4. Show Upcoming
    1. Will display a list of of recently ran and any upcoming scheduled dedupe jobs

Results List

By default all customer records that match another customer profile are shown in the results lists without any filters being set, based off the default criteria of First, Last, Phone.
Each record listed is a single record with its own unique information. The Dupes column displays the number of additional like records according to the selected Dupe Criteria.

  1. Select the records from the list you wish to merge with the additional records displayed in the Dupes column
  2. Click the Go button 
Client ID is an implicit criteria

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