Continuity Processing

Continuity Processing

The Continuity Processing page is where you can create and preview continuity orders.

  1. Select Available Clients for the Continuity Processing from the list. 
  2. Enter the maximum number of outstanding installment items.
  3. Enter the maximum Item Installment Balance.
  4. Enter the maximum Continuity days from the due date.
  5. Check Create Multiple Continuity on Single Order for more than one Continuity .
  6. Select the Start and End Date for the Continuity processing.
  7. Click apply to view Continuity orders ready for processing.

  1. Click Check/Uncheck all to select/deselect multiple Campaigns, or select each campaign individually.
  2. Click the Campaign link or  Preview to view the orders ready for Continuity .  An Continuity Order Creation (Preview Mode) will appear.

  1. You can click on the Customer Name to access the Customer Detail screen.
  2. Click Process to process the Continuity's.  The Continuity Order Creation window will appear.

  1. Click Print to print the Autoship Processing Screen.
The Print page is a read only view. Hyperlinks normally seen from customer detail page will not work on the Print page.

Continuity Processing
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Revised 6.11.2019

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