Upcoming Notifications

Upcoming Notifications

Module: Notifications
Path: Processing > Notifications > Upcoming Notifications
Topic: Upcoming Notifications
Version(s):  5.1
Editions: All

What Are Upcoming Notifications

Upcoming Notifications are communications between your system and your customers for events that will happen in the future.

Making The Connection

Where Will I See This Within OLX?

Customer Interactions > Notifications tab

On the Notifications tab of the Customer Interactions section of the Customer Detail page you will see a line record of every notification prepared for that specific customer.

Processing > Automated Processing > Process History

Filter Job Type = Notification Delivery
Here you will see a list of all jobs that can be expanded to show more detail

What Reports Can Be Pulled?

  1. Notification Details Report - Display notification details.
  2. Customer Service Activity Report - Display notes and customer service activity grouped by date, agent, and activity type.

What Imports/Exports Relate to Upcoming Notifications

  1. at this time there are no import nor exports related to upcoming notifications

Trouble Shooting

If you're having issues with your upcoming notifications and have reviewed the setup is correct you will also want to check:
  1. Notification Management > Send Emails
  2. Notification Management > Purge Notifications (if you have older notifications that you do not want to send once the issue has been resolved - purge before resolving)


Upcoming Notifications is a system job and is set on the backend to run at 1:30 am to create the notifications that will send that day. The start time set on the configuration tab allows you to determine when the emails that were created that morning will send to your customers.


  1. Start Time - the earliest time allowed for notifications to be sent
    1. All notifications that were prepared after the previous days End Time will send at this set time
  2. End Time - latest time allowed for notifications to be sent
  3. Process Active -
    1. Checked - activates schedule to run automatically
    2. Unchecked - requires manual sending of notifications

Add New

  1. To edit an existing record, click on the edit pencil next to the record you wish to edit.
Changes made here are effective immediately
  1. To add a new record, click on the Add New button in the blue module bar.
    1. A new record line will display at the bottom.

  1. Choose an Event
    1. Autoship (may be labeled differently depending on your system preferences) - orders created from the Customer Sequence section of the Customer Detail 
      1. Active
      2. On Hold
      3. Both
    2. Installment - orders with product offers that have setup as multi pay items 
    3. Release Holds - orders that have been placed on Hold
  2. Select the Notification Template
    1. Depending on which event is selected will determine which notification templates will populate
  3. Select Script(s)
    1. Select all scripts associated to orders you wish to receive the email notifications
  4. Min Days Before - numerical value of minimum days prior to the actual event taking place the system can create and send the email notification
    1. Will create a date range with Max Days Before - only one notification will be created during this time range
  5. Max Days Before - numerical value of max days prior to the actual event taking place the system can create and send the email notification
    1. Will create a date range with Min Days Before - only one notification will be created during this time range
  6. Auto Send - will create cs event on customer detail page and send without manual manipulation
    1. Checked = True
    2. Unchecked = False
  7. Expired CC - if set to true will only send notification if the payment profile attached to the event contains an expired credit card
    1. Checked = True
    2. Unchecked = False

* To save the changes click the Save button .
* To cancel any of the current changes you have made click the Cancel button .
      This will close the window without saving any changes.

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