Manage Order Exceptions Page

Manage Order Exceptions Page

Module: Manage Order Exceptions
Topic: Page Overview
Version(s): Version 5.0 and up 
Editions: All Editions


The Manage Order Exceptions screen is a page that allows OrderLogix users to view details about orders submitted to the Order Import API where an exception is was received and the order is still not created. This page can be used to troubleshoot issues and/or resolve exceptions without needing to handle exception files which often contain live credit card numbers. 

This page is accessed by navigating to Processing-->Import/Export-->Manage Order Exceptions. 

The main screen will provide you with a list of all outstanding API exceptions. In the list you will see details about each order such as Date/Time, Source, User, Web Order #, and Exception. You’ll notice that this list includes the ability filter like many other pages in OrderLogix, allowing you to look up a specific web order number, or display only submissions with certain exceptions. 

To view additional information about a particular exception, click the magnifying glass icon in the list beside the exception record. This opens the Resubmit Order pop out window. The left portion of this window displays each of the API order fields and the values submitted in editable text boxes for products 1-5 on the order. If more than five products were included on the order, additional pages will display for these items. The top right portion of the window displays each of the API setting fields and the values contained in editable text boxes. The results pane on the lower right side of the window will show the most recent exception or the OLX Order ID if an order was successfully created along  with submission details.

Within this window you can Preview the re-submission to verify that the changes made to the exception will result in an new order. You can Process the re-submission of an exception, which will actually create an order in OrderLogix, if successful.  Alternatively, you can delete an Exception that you do not wish to re-submit. 

For a list of all API Order Import exception messages and suggested resolutions, see our list here:
For definitions of all API Order Import Order and Settings fields, see our spec here:

Managing Exceptions

Once you know what change(s) need to be made to an exception to allow the order to import, you can modify the Order or Setting field(s) in the available text boxes of the Resubmit Order window. The exception can be previewed to verify that the change(s) made will result in a successful order. If another exception message is received, additional changes to the exception may be needed in order to allow the order to import. Changes can continue to be made in the Resubmit Order window until a successful response is received. 

Click Process to actually re-submit the order. If a successful response is received, then the OrderLogix order will have been created. If an exception message is given, a new exception record will be created. In either case, the original exception record will be removed from the Manage Order Exceptions list. 

You may wish to delete exceptions which are duplicate or fraudulent, or if the source vendor will provide the fix for the exception and re-submit the web order directly to the API. Click Delete in the Resubmit Order Window to remove the exception from the Manage Order Exceptions list. To bulk delete exceptions from the Manage Order Exceptions, select the check boxes beside the exceptions you wish to remove. A button named Delete Selected will appear below the list of exceptions to process the request. 

You will be required to confirm that you do indeed wish to delete the selected records. Click OK to proceed with deleting the exceptions or Cancel to keep them.

This page can be used in conjunction with the Order Submission Status Report, which will display a list of all unresolved exceptions.

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