Billing and Shipping Address Must Match

Billing and Shipping Address Must Match

Module: Global Script Rules and Maintain Scripts
Path: Company Data > Advertising > Global Script Rules
Company Data > Advertising > Maintain Scripts > Edit Script > Rules tab
Topic: Script Rule for Billing and Shipping Address Must Match
Version(s):  5.1 & up
Editions: All

What Is Billing and Shipping Address Must Match?

 Billing and Shipping Address Must Match rules allow you to determine which fields if any on the Billing and Shipping Address of the order must or must not match.

Making The Connection

Where Will I See This Within OLX?

The settings provided here will set the limits during order creation. Script Rules can reject a new order or hold the order for review depending on the selections made during setup (see below).

For orders that will be held for review, you will see on the Order Detail page that the item(s) on the order are in an Item Pending Review status.

Navigate to the Customer Detail page and scroll down to the Customer Interactions section to complete the CS Event for Sys:Order Held For Review.

What Reports Can Be Pulled?

  1. Customer Service Activity Report
  2. Item Status Report
  3. Product Offer List Report
  4. Demographics Report
  5. Performance Report
  6. Client Performance Report
  7. Adjusted Performance Report
  8. Data Warehouse Export
  9. Flattened Data Warehouse Export
  10. Data Entry Batch Detail Report
  11. Gross Sales Report
  12. Net Sales Report
  13. Continuity Retention Report
  14. Continuity Status Report

What Imports/Exports Relate to Script Rules

  1. Order Imports will supply a DNIS and tie the order to a script. During the import you may receive exceptions that do not allow the order to import if the settings are not within the parameter set on the script. 


Tool Bar

Utilizing the buttons on the tool bar  you can:
Go back to the previous screen 
Add new 
Minimize module 


You can use the filter options to narrow down the displayed selections.

Date Added
End Date
Script Name
Start Date
Add additional filters by click the Add button 
Apply the filtered selections by clicking Apply Filter 
Remove the filtered selections by clicking Remove Filter 
To show inactive accounts in the displayed records check Show Inactive 
You can set the number of records to be displayed 

Add New

Edit the Script you wish to add a Billing and Shipping Address Must Match rule to. Navigate to the Rules tab.
  1. To edit an existing record, click on the edit pencil next to the record you wish to edit.
  2. To add a new record, click on the Add New button.

  1. A new window will pop up.

  1. Set the Rule Name
  2. Select type of order to be used on:
    1. Use for order entry
    2. use for imports
  3. Set Action:
    1. Reject Order
    2. Hold Order for Review
      1. Reason
  4. Set Error Memo
  5. If Condition tab
    1. Add
    2. Unconditional
    3. Save

  6. Then Condition tab
    1. Add
    2. Bill/Ship Address Match
    3. Match Required
      1. Selected - the following criteria if checked must match
      2. Not Selected - the following criteria if checked must NOT match
    4. Criteria for Bill and Ship Address fields:
      1. Use Address
      2. Use City
      3. Use State
      4. Use Zip
      5. Use Country
    5. Save

  7. Save
You MUST save each condition, the rule, and the script

* To save the changes click the Save button .
* To cancel any of the current changes you have made click the Cancel button .
      This will close the window without saving any changes.
* To delete the selection click the Delete button .
      This will prompt you to make sure you want to delete this item.

  • Clicking OK will delete the selected item and close the window.