Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Module: Payment Processing
Path: Processing > Payment Processing
Topic:  Payment Processing Menu
Version(s):  5.1 & up
Editions: All

What Is Payment Processing Menu?

The Payment Processing page is where you can prepare orders for payment, charge Credit Cards, give Credits, and authorize Phone Checks in batch fashion on a daily basis.

Making The Connection

Where Will I See This Within OLX?

Payment processing will keep orders from moving into a final status. If you see items in a status of Item Pay Ready or Item Awaiting Authorization for longer than 24 hours you will want to review your schedules.

What Reports Can Be Pulled?

  1. Datawarehouse Export Definitions (
  2. Item Status Report Definitions (
  3. Payment Batch Report Definitions (
  4. Real Time Auth Report Definitions (
  5. Daily Activity Dashboard Report (

What Imports/Exports Relate to Payment Processing

  1. OLX Order Import/Export V4 Spec (
  2. OrderLogix Real-Time Order Submission API
  3. Your company may have a custom import for batch check import

Tool Bar

Utilizing the buttons on the tool bar  you can: 
Go back to the previous screen 
Minimize module 


To perform an action in a specific section of the page, click on the Tile for that action. 
To create an auth only batch or get to your payment schedules you can click on any create batch tile.

Batch import for payments

Show Instances

Automated Schedule ( While you are not able to adjust schedules from this page you can review the most recently ran scheduled jobs and their status, as well as upcoming jobs that will run in the near future.

Process Payment Batches

You'll recall in previous releases of OrderLogix there was a separate page for Process Payment Batches. We have moved that page as of build R20 to the main payment processing page.


You can use the filter options to narrow down the displayed selections.

  1. # Trans
  2. Batch Name
  3. Created
  4. Exported?
  5. Mode
  6. Processing Account
  7. Status
Add additional filters by click the Add button 
Apply the filtered selections by clicking Apply Filter 
Remove the filtered selections by clicking Remove Filter 
You can set the number of records to be displayed 

List of Batches

The batch lister screen displays:

  1. the batch name, 
    1. if you see "RT" displayed at the end of the batch name that entails that the batch was created via a real time process on the order detail screen
  2. the mode of the batch,
    1. Auth Only - An Auth-Only batch when processed will go out and get approvals (and put holds) on credit cards- which can then be settled at a later date.
    2. Settle Only - A Settle-Only batch is made to collect the funds previously authorized by processing an Auth-Only batch, or performing a pre-authorization at the point of sale. 
    3. Auth & Settle - An Auth & Settle batch will complete the entire Sale transaction in one step.
  3. the status of the batch,
    1. Created - the batch has been created and items in batch will be an Item Awaiting Authorization Status
    2. In Process - the batch has started processing. Items in batch that have yet to process will be an Item Awaiting Authorization Status while items in batch that have processed will be in either Item Ship Ready or Item Shipment Delivered
    3. Completed - all transactions in the batch have been processed.
  4. the payment processing account that the batch was created with,
  5. the number of transactions in the batch,
  6. the date that the batch was created and if the batch was exported.
    1. The only batches that should display a true or false value in the export column are ECheck batches, credit card batches will display "N/A."

Action Buttons

  1.  To view the batch report, click on the View Batch Report button next to the batch whose report you wish to see.
    1. The Payment Batch Report Viewer will appear.
  2.  To process a batch, click on the Process Batch button next to the batch you wish to process.
    1. You will be directed to the batch processing page.

  3.  To process a multiple batch, click on the Multiple Batch Processing button.
    1. Note:   Payment Batches must be configured to be processed as a multiple batch for this to happen.   
  4.  To view the quick stats of a batch, click on the View Quick Stats button next to the batch whose quick stats you wish to see.
    1. A new page will popup containing the quick stats for that batch.

Payment Processing
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