Pre-Payment Processing

Pre-Payment Processing

Module: Pre-Payment Processing
Path: Processing>Payment Processing>Perform Pre-Payment Processing
Topic: Pre-Payment Processing
Version(s): 5.1 and up
Editions: All

What Is Pre-Payment Processing

Pre-Payment Processing is the first process that starts moving orders through the system. Typically, it is recommended to run pre-payment processing after Inventory Sync and Continuity Processing and before creating Payment Batches. The purpose of pre-payment processing is to move items on open orders into the next available status.

Making The Connection

Where Will I See This Within OLX?

When you are working with an order and need to push the items to the next status, you will more than likely need to run pre-payment processing.

What Reports Can Be Pulled?

  1. at this time there are no reports specifically for pre-payment processing
    1. there is the option of running an item status report or data warehouse export to review the status of items in the system

What Imports/Exports Relate to Pre-Payment Processing

  1. at this time there are no import nor exports related to pre-payment processing

Trouble Shooting


Tool Bar

Utilizing the buttons on the tool bar  you can:
Go back to the previous screen 
Minimize module  


Navigate to Processing>Payment Processing>Perform Pre-Payment Processing.

Manage all Holds and Rejects (Invalids), resubmit Declines, set items to Pay Ready. This process needs to happen daily before any payment batches are created.

  1. Release items on hold that are due.
    1. Release all holds that are due to be released today, setting them to pay ready.
  2. Release fixed invalid items.
    1. Release all rejects (invalids) that have been properly corrected, setting them to pay ready.
  3. Set Check/Money Order/Invoice/COD to ship ready.
    1. Set all pay ready debit items to ship ready where the payment method is Check/Money Order/Invoice/COD (charge on delivery)
    2. These items will be batched in a CMOCOIN batch
  4. Pre-process eligible RMA items
    1. Release eligible RMA items for credit processing and cancel all expired RMA items
  5. Pre-process Not Yet Available items
    1. Set all new items to hold, reject, or pay ready which have an order date on or before the cutoff date parameter below
    2. Cutoff Date:
      1. clicking the calendar icon  will open the calendar popup.
  6. Resubmit declines which meet this criteria
    1. Resubmit any declines that have met the # of days between attempts and total # of attempts criteria below, setting them to pay ready. Set those that don't meet the criteria to fatal decline.
      1. Number of days between attempts:
      2. Number of processing attempts to try:

Click on the "Advanced Filtering" drop down to expand further options, if you need to process only certain items based on Client, Campaign or Product Group.

The filters are joined with an AND operator. Only records which meet all conditions, filtering top down, will be displayed.
  1. Client
    1. This will filter the Client that is associated with the base item
  2. Campaign
    1. This will filter the Campaign that is associated with the Source of the order
    2. The selections listed here will filter based off the Client selected
  3. Product Group
    1. This will filter the Product Group that is associated with the base item
    2. The selections listed here will filter based off the Client selected
Select which items to perform pre-payment processing on, All Items, Sales Only or Credits Only.

  1. All Items
    1. these are all orders in the Sales Only and Credits Only filters
  2. Sales Only
    1. these are the debit items on orders
  3. Credits only
    1. these are the refundable items on orders 
You can obtain further details on setting up schedules via the Automated Schedules section.
The Items tab will then display the number of items in each eligible status after filtering through the settings above.

Click the Run Item Processing button  to process the pre-payment items with the specifications you have selected. This will automatically switch over to the Results tab in order to display how many items are being moved into different statuses, and what those item statuses are.

Example of Results:
Job starting...
Initializing item state validator.
Setting cutoff date for process new items to:2/23/2023

Transitioning items to Pending/Fatal
Transitioning items to pending
Handling declined/cancelled Auto orders
Transitioning items to Hold/Reject/Pay Ready
Transitioning items to Back Order
Transitioning items to Ship Ready

  • Transitioning Items to Pending
    • New -> Pending = 1
    • Hold -> Pending = 0
    • Reject -> Pending = 0
    • RMA -> Pending = 0
    • RMA -> Cancel = 0
  • Transitioning Items to Pending
    • Decline -> Pending = 0
  • Transitioning Items to Pay Fatal
    • Decline -> Pay Fatal = 0
  • Handling declined/cancelled Auto orders
    • Sys Hold -> Admin Hold = 0
  • Transitioning Items to Hold
    • Pending -> Hold = 0
  • Transitioning Items to Reject
    • Pending -> Reject = 0
  • Transitioning Items to Pay Ready
    • Transitioning Items to Back Order
      • Pending -> Pay Ready = 1
      • Pending -> Back Order = 0
    • Transitioning Items to Ship Ready
      • Pay Ready -> Ship Ready = 0
    • Transitioning Items to Refund Accepted
      • Pay Ready -> Refund Accepted = 0

      Job ran successfully.
    Once you have run item processing you can navigate away to a new menu or you can set new parameters and run another pre-payment processing job.

    Pre-Payment Processing
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    Revised 2.23.2023

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