Create Payment Batches

Create Payment Batches

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Topic: Create Payment Batches
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What Are Payment Batches

Payment Batches are when eligible orders are designated to export to the gateway to process payment (auth, settle, auth/settle, and credits).
Creating single batches can be useful if you want to preview exactly what will go into the batch before actually doing it.
Creating scheduled batches is beneficial in setting the system to automatically processing payments.

Making The Connection

Where Will I See This Within OLX?

Payment batches have a direct relationship with the capture of monies from customer and the processing of credits to customers. In directly, payment batches can have an effect on your shipping process as well. Remember, everything in OLX is based off the item status and cannot move from one process to the next until the item has successfully progressed to the next eligible item status.

What Reports Can Be Pulled?

  1. Void Report Definitions (
  2. Real Time Auth Report Definitions (
  3. Payment Batch Report Definitions (

What Imports/Exports Relate to Payment Batches

  1. OLX Order Import/Export V4 Spec
  2. OrderLogix Real-Time Order Submission API

Trouble Shooting

  1. None of the orders will batch

    1. Is there an item on the order that is set up incorrectly?Item List (
      1. Service only item?
        1. Service Only: Item goes directly to 'Item Ship Ready' status. Item will not participate in payment processing.
      2. Pay Processing set to disallow?
    2. Have you run Pre-Payment Processing? Pre-Payment Processing will set each eligible item to the next status (depending on selections made)
    3. Do you have the correct client or payment processing account selected for your batch?
    4. Is the order using a token that is associated to a payment processing account not used for the campaign associated to the order? Use override constraint for this situation AFTER you have processed all orders with payment method utilizing raw credit card information in a status eligible for payment batch creation. 

What to know before Setup

  1. Item status must be Item Pay Ready or Item Shipped Awaiting Settlement
  2. Client and Source do not have a Payment Processing Account (PPA) set directly
  3. The PPA is set on the:
    1. Campaign,
    2. Product Group,
    3. Script (only for use with items that entered within OLX and require a RealTime Auth)
    4. API and Order Imports can set a PPA specifically for that order as well using PAY_PROC_ACCT
It's important to understand that every order must have either the campaign or product group set with a default PPA in order to be eligible for batch processing. You can use the override constraint to process the order in a different PPA than what is set on the campaign or product group but the system does require either campaign or product group to have a default PPA associated - the exceptions to the rule are:
  1. an imported order using field PAY_PROC_ACCT
  2. an order preauthed during manual order entry
  3. a continuity/autoship order with a tokenized payment profile associated 

  1. Preauth'd Manual Order entry
    1. Product Group (if ppa is set for default)
    2. Campaign - by default
    3. with override constraint - Script
  2. Preauth'd Imported Order
    1. Product Group (if ppa is set for default)
    2. Campaign - by default
    3. with override constraint - API/Order Import field
  3. A/S batch
    1. Product Group (if ppa is set for default)
    2. Campaign - by default
    3. with override constraint - API/Order Import field


To define what goes into the batch, the Batch Creation page has a panel of Filters which will narrow down which items go into the batch.


Almost everything in OLX is grouped by clients, including Payment Processing accounts. Please select the client first from this list.

If the Client associated to the offer sold is different from the Client associated to the campaign attached to the order, you will need to select the Client associated to the offer to pull the order for batch creation.
Campaign is the default setting for payment processing within OLX but the product group settings will override the campaign information if different.


This is the actual payment processing account. This list includes both Credit Card and Check processing accounts. All items put into the new batch will be processed using the account selected here.

Override Constraints

Items are automatically associated with a payment processing account by virtue of the campaign or product group under which they are sold. A user with administrator permissions may override these associations and put any items into a batch from any account if no preauthorization has been completed or pickup an order that was pre-Auth'd through a payment account not associated to the campaign and/or product group. Checking this box enables this functionality.

Settle Type

This selection allows you to determine at which point items are eligible to go into a payment settlement batch. There are two modes:

  1. Auth Settle Fulfillment:

    1. In this mode, items will be fully paid for before they are shipped.  In this case, items that are in a Pay Ready status will be eligible to get into a batch.
  2. Auth Fulfillment Ship-Confirm Settle:

    1. In this mode, items that are authorized and already confirmed shipped will be eligible to go into a settlement batch.  The items would have to be in a status of Shipment Delivered. Alternately, items that have not already been authorized yet can be added to an Auth Only batch.


This is a filter to narrow down which items are eligible for the batch. 

  1. All Items

    1. This is default option that will select all orders available that match the additional batch settings
  2. Sales Only

    1. These are debit transactions
  3. Credits Only

    1. This selection will only look at refunds on orders
  4. Rush Items Only

    1. This will allow you to process Rush items specifically
  5. Shipped Only

    1. This will only pickup up items that have been included in a shipment batch already. You might want to use this to differentiate items that have actually been shipped from ones that just have a pre-auth (but have not shipped) when making a settlement batch. Without this filter the only criteria were that the item had a pre-auth and was pay ready or shipped awaiting settlement. This option limits it to the latter.
  6. Charge Only

    1. Filters to items whose product has the "Is charge only" attribute set.

Decline Filter

  1. Disabled

    1. Filter not used. Batches will create items that have and have not declined.
  2. Include Declines 

    1. Only include items that have declined in a prior payment attempt. (Item must be in Item Pay Ready status)
  3. Exclude Declines 

    1. Exclude any items that have been declined in a prior payment attempt.


This selection determines the actual action to be done with the batch contents. There are three modes of batches which can be created:

  1. Auth Only

    1. An Auth-Only batch when processed will go out and get approvals (and put holds) on credit cards- which can then be settled at a later date.
  1. Settle Only

    1. A Settle-Only batch is made to collect the funds previously authorized by processing an Auth-Only batch or performing a pre-authorization at the point of sale. 
  1. Auth & Settle

    1. An Auth & Settle batch will complete the entire Sale transaction in one step.

Sorting & Grouping

After all the above filters have been selected, the Items that are eligible for payment processing will be shown in a preview window. This last option is used to determine how that preview will be presented.  These can be broken down by the following: 

  1. Product Group

    1. Select the specific product group or groups you wish to process payment for

  2. Group & Date

    1. The results will show product groups that can be expanded to then select a specific day or days

  3. Order/Refund Date

    1. The results will show specific day or days that are eligible for selection

  4. Client & Date

    1. The results will show Clients that can be expanded to then select a specific day or days

Partial Payment Processing

There are two settings to allow you to determine if and how you will restrict partial payment processing of an order.
  1. Require all debit items to process together in a single transaction

    1. Prevents orders from being included in the current batch, when there are other pay ready debit items on the same order that do not meet the current filter criteria for this batch. 
    2. The payment batch will not include any items on the order if one or more items are ineligible to be selected for the payment batch based on product group selection. Grid will display summary of items that were not included in the batch because of other ineligible items on the order.
    3. In summary, this will prevent partial order processing due to a product group not being selected
  2. Prevent Partial Order Processing

    1. Prevent orders from being included in the current batch, where these orders contain 'do not process items, back-order items, and regular hold items. 
    2. The payment batch will not include any items on the order if one or more items are in an unfavorable item status and are therefore ineligible for payment processing. A grid will display summary of items that were not included in the batch because of other ineligible items on the order.
    3. In summary, this will prevent partial order processing due to ineligible item status.

In both these cases, credits and also final status items are ignored (cancelled, delivered). When an ineligible item is detected, the entire order is excluded from the newly created batch. 

Once all the options on this filter panel are selected click on the LOAD button. Note that depending on the number of not-yet-processed items in your system, it can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes for this process to complete. When the preview is ready you will see a data-grid that looks something like this:

This lister page will show all eligible items, a preview of the total count, and dollar amount of the items will be shown. Selecting the lines with the checkbox on the left will mark the orders that meet the criteria for the chosen record for inclusion in the payment batch.

The final step of the process is to actually create the batch. To start the process, hit the button marked Create Batch at the bottom of the screen. If successful, you will see a confirmation message similar to the one shown below which will be displayed in the results tab:


This step can be automated through setting up a schedule(s) and can be seen further in the Automated Schedules section.

  • To return to the Payment Processing page, click the Cancel button.
  • To refresh the current view, click the Refresh button.

To enter Multi-Batch creation mode, select Multiple Accounts from the Accounts drop down list.

Once this is done, the list of available filters will dynamically change to those needed for creating multiple batches.

Some of the filters such as Criteria and Mode are used the same way as when creating single batches. There are a couple of filters that are unique to Multi-Batch creation, and they are as follows:

  1. Processor
    When creating Multi-Batch batches, the payment processing accounts must already be associated with a Payment Processor. This is part of system configuration and must be done prior to visiting this screen. When a processor is selected, then the individual accounts associated with the processor will then be displayed in the preview grid. (See below).
  2. Account Type
    The individual payment processing accounts that may be associated with a Processor may be either Credit card or Check accounts. Choose which type of accounts to display.

After making these selections, click the LOAD button to bring up the preview grid. From this preview grid, you can select which accounts should be included in the new Multi-Batch. It should look similar to this:

The final step of the process is to actually create the batches. To start the process, hit the button marked Create Batch at the bottom of the screen. If successful, you will see a confirmation message.

Batch Creation for Credit Cards
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