Item Status Definitions

Item Status Definitions

Item Status

  1. The Item Status field in the Order History section of the page has a link that will pull up the payment and shipment transaction details for that specific item.
    1. The transaction payment details will show
      1. which payment batch the item was processed in
      2. the transaction type,
      3. transaction date,
      4. transaction result, 
      5. the authorization code,
      6. response text.
    2. The transaction shipment details will show:
      1. the shipment batch the item was processed in,
      2. the shipment date,
      3. the carrier,
      4. current package status,
      5. tracking number, 
      6. any additional notes for that shipment.
  2. If the item status is Item Awaiting Return the RMA Details Screen will appear.

Not Yet Available 

Items that have not entered any stage of processing. Items are in this stage when first submitted from the order entry screen. These items can only move to Item Pending.

Item Pending 

First stage of order processing. Items can move to pay ready, ship ready, reg. hold, auto hold, cancel or reject from this stage.

Item Reg. Hold 

Item has been placed on payment hold until a specified release date. When released, item status is set to pay ready or ship ready.

Item Auto Hold 

An item that is part of an installment offer, where payment has not been captured on the previous installment item and a release date has not yet been established. Once released the item will move to reg. hold. **If previous item is in Item Fatal Authorization status the auto hold item will not release without manual intervention.

Item Invalid 

  1. Item has failed monetary validation criteria.
    1. Item will remain in this state indefinitely until corrective action is taken. 
      1. The payment information will need to be updated
        1. then when the box next to ""Release fixed invalid items"" is checked during PrePayment Processing, the item will be released to Pay Ready status.
  2. Or an item that is being held due to high dollar filter
    1. setup on the Limits tab of the Edit System Preferences window under Company Data -> Company -> System Preferences
      1. (""Max dollar amount an order can have before it is held due to high $ filter"" and ""Include credit items in high $ filter"").
    2. The CS Activity generated by the system for high dollar filters will need to be set to Complete,
    3. then when the box next to ""Release fixed invalid items"" is checked during PrePayment Processing, the item will be released to Pay Ready status."

Item Pay Ready 

Item is ready to be payment processed. Items move to Pay Ready from Item Pending and Item Declined (when resubmitted). Item Status can be set to Item Awaiting Authorization or Item Cancelled.

Item Awaiting Authorization -

Item is in process for payment. When payment processing result is received, item status is set to Item Payment Declined, Item Fatal Auth,  Item Ship Ready, Item Paid or Item Refund Accepted.

Item Declined Authorization -

When payment was processed, merchant declined to transfer funds. For a specified number of attempts and a period of days between attempts, the item will automatically be resubmitted for payment. Item will revert to Item Awaiting Authorization.

* Item Fatal Authorization -

After a specified number of processing attempts that all resulted in a decline, item is set to this status to prevent future automated processing attempts. Item will remain in this state indefinitely until corrective action is taken. This will either be the final status or can be moved to Item Bad Debt if the option is allowed within your OLX instance.

*Item Paid -

An item that is set as a Charge Only item and has a completed successful payment transaction.

*Item Bad Debt - 

When an item record has been sent to collections it will move from Item Fatal Auth to Item Bad Debt via a module or CS action

Ship Awaiting Settlement -

Item has shipped with only an authorization for payment but payment has not been settled. Will follow payment processing status after being submitted for payment capture.

Item Ship Ready -

If participating in payment processing item payment has been approved and item is ready for Shipment Processing. Item can move to Item Awaiting Ship-Confirm, Item Shipment Delivered or Item Shipment Cancelled.

Item Awaiting Ship-Confirm -

Item has been sent to shipping facility and is waiting for a shipping acknowledgement from shipper. Will move to Item Shipment Delivered.

* Item Shipment Delivered -

Item has been shipped and a confirmation has been received. This is a final status unless an RMA has been initiated, then will move to Item Awaiting Return.

*Item Shipment Cancelled - 

Item cancelled after shipment batch as been performed.

Item Awaiting Return -

Item has been issued an RMA. Customer will be refunded upon receipt. Will move to Item Pay Ready.

* Item Shipment Returned -

Product was shipped, but package was returned undelivered by shipper. Customer did not receive item.

* Item Refund Accepted -

Item has been credited and approved by merchant.

* Item Cancelled -

Item has not had payment captured or shipped.

* Installment Paid -

A portion of a multi-pay item has been approved. This item is a payment only record.

Item Pending Review - 

An item can be set to this stats when first created if certain script criteria has not been met. Any customer action that has been taken via Customer Portal against the order will result in the item moving into an Item Pending Review (Portal) status. Item Pending Review must have human intervention to move out of status and into previous status in order to allow processing to move item forward. 

Item Back Order -

(Only visible in Version 4.0 or higher)
This status is used to indicate an item that cannot be shipped because there is insufficient inventory to fulfill an order containing this item.

* Indicates a Final Status.

Inventory Status related to Item Status

  1. Committed
    1. item pending review
    2. not yet available
    3. item pay ready
    4. item awaiting authorization
    5. item declined authorization 
    6. item ship ready
    7. item awaiting ship-confirm
  2. Committed to Back Order
    1. item back order
  3. Shipped
    1. item shipment delivered
    2. item awaiting ship-confirm
    3. item awaiting return
  4. No Inventory
    1. item pending
    2. item reg hold
    3. item auto hold
    4. item invalid
    5. item paid
    6. item fatal authorization
    7. item bad debt
    8. item shipment cancelled
    9. item shipment returned
    10. item refund accepted
    11. item cancelled
    12. installment paid

Item State Flow Chart

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