RMA Exchange Process

RMA Exchange Process

Module: RMA Exchange Process
Topic: Process Overview
Version(s): Version 5.1 and up 
Editions: Standard, Commerce, Call Center

When issuing an RMA, the options available are to refund the returned product or to exchange for a new product. This module will walk through the entire exchange process when using RMA's from Issuing an RMA, to Selecting a Product to Exchange, then Closing the RMA, and Processing the New Product. 

Issuing an RMA:

To begin, an RMA must be issued for the customer to return the initial product. Click on the Refund button on the Order Detail Page to open the RMA details window.

  • Click the Refund Type of RMA
  • Set an Expiration date if this should be different than the default date that is pre-populated. 

Selecting a product to exchange:

Closing RMA:

Processing new product:

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