5.1.2 - Improved Tax Calculation

5.1.2 - Improved Tax Calculation

Version: 5.1
Patch: 002
Title: Improved Tax Calculation
Application Category: Other
Patch Type: Feature


Tax calculation in OLX is now based on a more detailed tax table. Rates in some complex tax regions, such as Schenectady NY will be calculated more accurately. All tax calculation has been consolidated into a single subsystem which will allow 3rd party tax integrations to work with all parts of OLX now.

** prior to 5.1, only manual Order Entry and the Add Items popup on the Order Detail screen could make use of a third party tax integration (if installed). 

The County is now stored with all Orders in OLX. The system will attempt to automatically determine the county based on the zip code. In cases where this is ambiguous, OLX will prompt to the user to select a county from a short list of possible values. The application uses County to select more accurate tax rates from the tax table. This prompt for county can appear on the various screens where address information can be entered... including the Order Entry page, Edit Shipping popup, and Payment & Customer Address profile popups. 

There is also a new feature which allows Tax to be recalculated for an existing order when the shipping address is edited. If the items have not already been paid (or in a pending transaction) then the tax will be recalculated to the correct amount when the Edit Shipping popup is closed.


  1. Edit Shipping Information
  2. Sales Tax Maintenance

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