Using Coupon Codes on Imports vs Manually Entered Orders

Using Coupon Codes on Imports vs Manually Entered Orders

Module: Advertising
Path: Company Data -> Advertising -> Coupon Codes
Topic: Import vs Manual Orders and Coupon Codes

Coupon codes on imported orders differ from coupon codes on manually entered orders in that they are applied on the item level versus the order level. Coupon codes on imported orders also do not apply a discount automatically therefore the discount fields in the import must be populated with the value of the discount for each corresponding item on the order. To enable coupon codes you would setup the coupon code under Company Data -> Advertising -> Coupon Codes. The following is link to a training module regarding how to set up coupon codes: Adding & Editing Coupon Codes Then navigate to Company Data -> Advertising -> Maintain Scripts and check "Allow Coupon Codes" on the Demographics tab (Coupon Code Source in that case should be OLX) of each applicable script.

All of our order import specs (Order Import Call/Order Import or Telemarketing Import and Order API) have fields for coupons and discounts. There is a separate coupon code field that is associated to each offer that is passed in the file. So COUPON_CODE01 is the coupon code for PRODUCT01 field COUPON_CODE02 is the coupon code for PRODUCT02 field and so on. If the same coupon code applies to each offer on the order then each of these fields would be populated with the same value.

In addition to the coupon code fields there are pricing fields that you/your vendor will want to be aware of. The PRICE01 PRICE02 etc fields that correspond with the PRODUCT01 PRODUCT02 fields etc should be populated with the full price of the product offer. Then the discounted amount should be passed (as a positive value) in the corresponding discount fields. DISCOUNT01 is the corresponding discount amount in dollars for PRODUCT01. This value must be less than or equal to the value in the PRICE01 field and so on. 

It is very important to be aware that both the PRICE and DISCOUNT fields will always be multiplied by the value in the corresponding QUANTITY field.

Note: If you are using the prices set up in OrderLogix and Use_Prices is set to "N" in the import file the importer will not look to verify the prices in the PRICE and DISCOUNT fields,  therefore the use of coupon codes and discounts are not supported. The only way to import a discounted price when using OrderLogix prices would be to set up a separate discounted offer and have the vendor pass this separate offer when a discounted price is necessary.
There are a couple of coupon reports (Coupon Summary Report and Coupon Details Report) located under Reports -> Sales Reports that you may wish to utilize.

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