Tax Table

Tax Table

Module: Tax Tables
Path: Campaigns > Payment Data > Tax Tables
Topic: Tax Tables
Version(s):  5.1 and up
Editions: All

What Are Tax Tables

Previously the Sales Tax Maintenance held all of the tax information from the OLX internal tax system. We have split the district (City, County, District by zip code) taxes to Tax Tables. The Sales Tax Maintenance will still be used for Client specific State tax rates and zip code records for CAN and MEX, but you will no longer find the break down for the different district taxes there.
Please note OLX only contains tax information for the US. If you have specific tax information for other countries you ship to you will need to create a ticket to have this reviewed and added to your specific instances as needed.

Tax on orders is based off the shipping address, not the billing address.

Making The Connection

Where Will I See This Within OLX?


Once Sales Tax has been setup you must navigate to each script that will add tax to orders created. Selecting the Region/Taxes tab will bring you to location criteria of which orders must apply tax to the products based on shipping address. You will also select which Tax Provider Account the taxed locations will use (one per script).

Continuity Processing

When Continuity Processing creates orders that are due, tax is determined and added to the order during the order creation process.

Imported Orders

Once you have setup Sales Tax and added location criteria to the script your imported orders must provide the tax values during order import.

<PRODUCT01>Test Product</PRODUCT01>

Order Entry Screen

When entering an order, after the shipping address is filled in and product selected you will notice the Tax field populate if the location criteria has been selected on the Script being used.

Order Detail Screen

After an order has been entered (manually or via import) and you navigate to the Order Detail screen you will see the Tax values on each corresponding item line.

What Reports Can Be Pulled?

  1. Sales Tax By State
  2. Sales Tax
  3. Sales Tax By State/Order 

What Imports/Exports Relate to Tax Tables

  1. Order Imports
  2. OrderLogix Real-Time Order Submission API

Trouble Shooting

  1. There is no sales tax on the order

    1. Confirm the location is selected on the script associated to the order in question
  2. When entering an order manually the tax is not populating

    1. Confirm there is a shipping address associated to the order
  3. How do I create Client specific override for a zip code?

    1. Client specific requests for tax rates will still need to be handled via the Sales Tax Maintenance.
      1. you will have to add each county/city being required for the client
      2. if there is a long list of records that need added for a specific client (remember the Sales Tax Maintenance no longer lists county or city records) you will want to create a ticket and have an OLX programmer add this for you on the backend.


You cannot add new records, but you can edit existing records:

Tool Bar

Utilizing the buttons on the tool bar  you can: 
Go back to the previous screen 
Minimize module 


You can use the filter options to narrow down the displayed selections.

  1. Zip Code
  2. City
  3. State
  4. County
  5. Sales Tax
  6. Modified By
  7. Locked
Add additional filters by click the Add button 
Apply the filtered selections by clicking Apply Filter 
Remove the filtered selections by clicking Remove Filter 
To show inactive accounts in the displayed records check Show Inactive 
You can set the number of records to be displayed 

Edit Record

To edit a record click on the pencil icon 

The greyed-out fields are not eligible for editing:
  1. Zip
  2. City
  3. State
The remaining fields can be edited as needed:
  1. State Tax Rate
    1. this will be auto populated by OLX for all zip code records
  2. City Tax Rate
    1. this will be auto populated by OLX for zip code records as applies by area
  3. County Tax Rate
    1. this will be auto populated by OLX for zip code records as applies by area
  4. District Tax Rate
    1. this will be auto populated by OLX for zip code records as applies by area
  5. Locked
    1. checked - prevents the tax import from overwriting record
    2. unchecked - tax import (done monthly) will overwrite any edits made

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