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      OrderLogix 5.1 user guide is categorized by functional area. Each navigational menu option is represented with articles to cover the use of each function.
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      Find the latest documentation for import/export, API's and integrations.
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    • Using The Help Desk

      What is the Help Desk? The Help Desk is where you can: create and review support tickets review User Guide articles review Developer Specs Getting Started Creating User Please ask an Admin within your company to send an email to ...
    • 5.1.347 - Scheduler_restart_enhancements

      Version: 5.1 Patch: 347 Title: Scheduler_restart_enhancements Application Category: Other, Other Processing Patch Type: Feature Description: Scheduler stability improvements and fixes to multi-server job management features.  Articles:
    • 5.1.345 - Customer Portal Password Criteria Tooltip

      Version: 5.1 Patch: 345 Title: Customer Portal Password Criteria Tooltip Application Category: Other, CS Functionality (1) Patch Type: Feature Description: Add tooltip to show password criteria via small question mark icon to following screens: 1. ...
    • 5.1.337 - Notifications via API Feature

      Version: 5.1 Patch: 337 Title: Notifications via API Feature Application Category: Other, Notifications Patch Type:  Feature Description: Added a new module framework for Notification APIs. Instead of using the OLX built in SMTP integration, ...
    • 5.1.335 - Added Fixed Width Import Support Methods

      Version: 5.1 Patch: 335 Title: Added Fixed Width Import Support Methods Application Category: Other, Import Processing Patch Type: Feature Description: Added additional base class methods for fixed width file imports.  Articles:
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    • Argument start 'Length' must be greater or equal to zero OR Argument 'Start' must be greater than zero

      Module: Customer Detail  C.S Agent > Customer Lookup > Selected Customer  Topic: No items were available for transaction  Version(s):  ?  Editions: All Received upon Import Attempt: If the "Argument start 'Length' must be greater or equal to zero" or ...
    • Login/Logout Process

      Module: Home Path: https://login.orderlogix.com  Topic: Login/out Version(s):  5.1 Editions: All What Is The Login Screen The login screen is where users are able to enter OrderLogix in a contained environment. There are settings that can be set and ...
    • Home Desktop

      Module: Home Path: Home Topic: Home Desktop Version(s):  All Editions: 5.1 The Home Desktop contains a modifiable welcome message and list of any announcements or features you wish to add. This is the first screen users will come to once they have ...
    • Calendar

      Module: Home Path: Left Menu Topic:  Calendar Version(s):  All Editions: All The system has a built in calendar accessory to help you manage your day, and the events that are created within the schedule can be exported to Microsoft outlook if you use ...
    • SIM - Adding Columns

      Editing the Header/Footer By default the header and footer will have a height of zero pixels which will make them invisible when rendered. To edit the height of the header or footer you can double click the header/footer node on the form tree or ...