SMTP Configuration for Email Notification Delivery

SMTP Configuration for Email Notification Delivery

Module : Email Notification Delivery
Topic : SMTP Server Configuration
Version(s) : Version 5.0 and up 
Editions : All Editions

Email Notifications can be generated by OrderLogix and then are relayed through the SMTP server that is specified in the Notification Preferences.  The pop up to enter SMTP server details is launched by navigating to Company Data --->Notifications --->Notification Management and clicking the 'Edit Preferences' link in the Notification Config section at the top of the page.


In this popup box, enter the SMTP host name (e.g. Specify the port to be used for the SMTP server. Indicate the type of server and whether or not to authenticate using the drop down menus. Provide the username and password for the SMTP server and confirm the password in the next fields.


 If you populate the Delivery/Default SMTP server with smtp.{customer_domain}.com in order to direct email notifications to be relayed through your email server, then ensure connections are allowed from the OrderLogix application to smtp.{customer_domain}.com

     1) OLX will require that a firewall rule be provisioned to allow the connection

     2) The system/network administrator responsible for smtp.{customer_domain}.com will need to evaluate what, if any, configuration changes are required to allow connections from the OrderLogix Production Network ( IP Address can be found here )

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