Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule

Module : Order Detail Screen
Topic : Schedule Payments
Version(s) : Version 5.1 and up 
Editions : Commerce, Call Center

You can use the Payment Schedule Screen to skip a payment, release an amount for immediate payment, and schedule payments .
The Payment Schedule screen shows the installments in a continuity order, their status, action performed, date of action, and amount of payment.

Skip a Payment:

The Skip Payment function of the Payment Schedule screen allows you to change payment dates of a continuity order.

  • Click the Preview button to change the dates. 

Skipping a payment will delay the billing date for the interval scheduled in the Schedule Payments option.

  • Click Save to save the settings.
Release an Amount for Immediate Payment:

Select the release amount for immediate payment option to mandate an immediate payment.  Enter in the value amount for immediate payment.

Note:  A payment schedule with existing action dates will need to be created before you can release any amount for immediate payment.

  • Click the Preview button to change the dates and amount due.
  • Click Save to save the settings.

Schedule Payments

The Schedule Payments selection of the Payment Schedule screen allows you to set up a Payment Schedule.  You can set up a payment one day a week, one day every other week, two days a month, or one day a month.

  • Click the  Preview button to view the payment schedule.

  • Click  Save to save the settings. 
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