Menu Navigation Bar

Menu Navigation Bar

Module: Home
Topic: Menu Navigation Bar
Version(s): Version 5.1 and up 
Editions: All Editions

How To

After you have logged into the system, you will have a navigation menu bar appear in the header section of the system. The menu bar helps you navigate to different areas of the system.  When you mouse over a particular section of the menu bar, a list of subcategories or functions appear below the section.
Menu bar will only contain the menu items that you have been given access to, through your user profile

  1. To navigate to an overview screen for one of the sections, move your mouse over the menu bar text and left click your mouse.
  2. Your screen will refresh with the overview screen of the selection

  1. Mouse over the menu section and wait for the subcategory list to appear.
  2. Mouse down to the subcategory section and click the text.
  3. Your screen will refresh with the subcategory module.

Menu Navigation Bar
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