Employee Preferences

Employee Preferences

Module: Home
Path: Home > User Icon > Employee Preferences
Topic: Employee Preferences
Version(s): Version 5.1 and up 
Editions: All Editions

When you hover over the User icon on the right menu navigation bar you will see in the drop down an option for "Employee Preferences."


Once you click on the option, the Employee Preferences screen will open defaulted to the "Interface" tab.

This is where you can manage how you want the Order History section on the Customer Detail Center   to view when accessing customer's records. The options in the drop down menu are to stay defaulted to whatever is set up a global system level, to expand all details of the order history, or to collapse all details which means that you will need to manually expand each order from the detail center in order to view further information such as what products were ordered, what status they are in and what the total charge was.

File Access

If you click on the "File Access" tab, you will see information pertaining to securely downloading files  in OrderLogix which will only be applicable to administrators accessing OrderLogix.
Please review Secure Downloads for more information pertaining to the settings on this page.

Employee Preferences
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Revised 8.29.2023

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