Adding Images Within Notifications

Adding Images Within Notifications

Module: Notification
Path: Processing > Notifications > Notification Setup
Topic: Adding Images to Notifications
Version(s):  All
Editions: All

Images are a great way to make your notifications grab more visual attention.
Please follow the following steps when inserting an image into your notification template
See Notification Set Up for full setup instructions
Please be aware:
  1. All images must be hosted offsite
  2. The image editor is no longer used for uploading images
  3. Images are added as an element within HTML
  1. Upload Image to an image hosting site
  2. Right click on the image
  3. Select Inspect

  4. Right click on the highlighted element

  5. Move your cursor over Copy > Copy Element, select
  6. Within OLX on your notification, select the HTML tab
  7. Paste the element
  8. Click on the Preview tab to view your image

  9. You can navigate back to Design tab to complete the Notification setup

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