Add New Item

Add New Item

Module: Order Detail Screen
Topic: Add New Item
Version(s): Version 5.1 and up
Editions: Standard, Commerce, Call Center

Adding a new item to an order is done in the Add New Item pop up, which is brought up by clicking on the New
icon on the Order Detail Screen.
     First on the Item Details tab, select the Script Name from the Script drop down. This will default to the script that was used when the order was entered.
     Next, select the Offer Name from the Product Offer drop down. Only the offers added to the selected script will appear in this list.
     Assign a Coupon Code and adjust the Quantity, if needed.
     The Description, Retail Price, Discount, Unit Price, Shipping, and Tax will populate automatically with the values set up for the selected offer. Adjust any of these fields, if desired.
Click on the Commission Details tab to edit information about the item’s commissions.
     Select the employee the item was sold by in the Item Sold By drop down list.
     Assign the Item Type in the second drop down list.
     Choose the employee the commission should be assigned to in the Commission To drop down list.
     If no commission should be assigned, check the box beside No Commission.

Select a Reason Code from the drop down menu and add Notes indicating why the item was added to the order.
Click Save to add the item and the window will close.
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