5.1.351 - DWE Enhancements

5.1.351 - DWE Enhancements

Version: 5.1
Patch: 351
Title: DWE Enhancements
Application Category: Other, Reports
Patch Type: Feature


Data Warehouse improvements
1. Allow more than 5 columns in "flattened mode" (new option added in DW config screen)
2. Consolidated some SQL/code used by both DW modes 

Unrelated fix also added: 
Fixed JS issue with Single Job Status component, which could prevent the output from displaying when some jobs run. 

Changes For DWE
  1. Removed redundant item level columns from "tblFlattenedDatawarehouseColumns" as these will get generated dynamically.
  2. Add new field named "shipTransID" to "tblFlattenedDatawarehouseColumns"
  3. Add new configuration named "Items Per line" to other section 


  1. Flattened Export Definitions
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