Viewing Exception File with Header Line

Viewing Exception File with Header Line

When viewing flat file order import files or managing exception files, it is usually helpful to view the fields in excel with the field headers.

Accompanying our spec for the OLX Order Import V4 is a header file in Excel. When this is opened in the Microsoft Excel program, the steps to follow will allow you to add the data from a .txt or .csv file into the spreadsheet in the correct format for review and import, if needed. 

1) In Excel, paste the contents of the .txt. .csv file into the first column of the Excel sheet below the header line.

2) Select the first column and in the Data menu of Excel, choose Text to Columns.

3) Select Deiminated and click Next.

4) Choose Comma from the list of delimitators and click Next.

5) Select all of the columns (scroll all the way to the right and Shift + Click on the final column), and choose the data format Text. Then click Finish.

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