SIM - Adding/Editing Custom Fields

SIM - Adding/Editing Custom Fields

Module  SIM Elements
Path: Campaigns > Advertising > SIM 
Custom Fields
Topic : Adding/Editing Custom Fields
Version(s) : Version 5.1 and up 
Editions : All Editions

You can create form specific custom fields, to capture and display additional information. To add a custom field you can click on the  Add Custom Field button or right click the ‘Custom Field’ node and select ‘Add’. To edit a custom field you can double click the custom field node or right click the custom field node and select ‘Edit’.

This will open the Add/Edit Custom Field window:

  1. Enter a name for the custom field and select the Field Type. There are different options based on the type of custom field type you want to create.
  2. If you decide to want to use this custom field in other forms, check the "Global box" and the field will appear in other forms.
  3. When selecting Alpha/Date/Numeric types you have the option to enter minimum and maximum values. 
Note:   This is an advanced feature, if you do not have experience with regular expressions it’s best to leave it blank.

  1. When selecting a Boolean field (as seen in the screenshot above) you have the option of rendering it as a checkbox, or a radio button. If rendering as a checkbox you can enter a label that will appear before the checkbox. If rendering as a radio button you can enter the labels for the true and false values. When selecting the either the checkbox or button field you can enter a label which will appear as the text on the button itself:

  1. When selecting a list Field Type, you can also select the way you want the field rendered including a checkbox list; drop down list and radio button list. You also need to enter the values that will appear in the list and the display order:

    • Click the save button once you have entered values into all required fields; and the custom field will appear in the custom field tree. The field will now be available to add to an element.
Note: If you save a custom field as a global field, it will not appear in the tree; but will be available to add to an element.
    • You can delete a custom field by opening the Add/Edit Custom Field window and clicking the Delete button, or by right clicking on the custom field and selecting ‘Delete’.

SIM - Adding/Editing Custom Fields
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Revised 6.19.2019

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