SIM - Adding Columns

SIM - Adding Columns

Editing the Header/Footer

By default the header and footer will have a height of zero pixels which will make them invisible when rendered. To edit the height of the header or footer you can double click the header/footer node on the form tree or right click and select ‘Edit Column’:

This will open the Add/Edit Column window with header/footer specific information.

Note: The Add/Edit Column window for the header and footer differ slightly from regular columns, in that you cannot edit the name and you are setting a height in pixels instead of a width. You can also set a border size in pixels (the border color will always be black) and a background color of the entire header/footer. Once you change the height to a value greater than zero and save you will be able to see the header/footer outlined in a red dotted border at the top or bottom of your form.

To add a column you can click on the Add Column button or right click the ‘Form’ node and select ‘Add Column’. To edit a column you can double click the column node or right click the column node and select ‘Edit Column’. This will open the Add/Edit Column window.

Note: You can delete a column as long as it is not the only column for the form (excluding the header and footer) by opening the Add/Edit Column window and clicking the Delete button, or by right clicking on the column and selecting ‘Delete Column’.

  1. The column name will be defaulted to a generic name, however you can modify to be more specific.
  2. Set the width of the column in percent or pixels. If the width is 100% the column will always take up the entire form horizontally, with no scroll bars regardless of the elements inside the column. If it’s questionable whether the elements will fit into the column based on you should set the width to be pixels and make sure it encompasses all the elements in the column.
  3. Set a border size in pixels (the border color will always be black)
  4. Set a background color for the entire column.
    • Click the save button to save your changes, they will be reflected in the preview pane. Each column is surrounded by a red dotted border in the preview window (unless you have specified a border width, then it will be a solid black border). The red dotted border will not be rendered in the order screen, it’s just to give a visualization of where the columns are.

SIM - Adding Columns
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