Schedule Callback

Schedule Callback

Module : Schedule Callback
Topic : Feature Overview
Version(s) : Version 5.1 and up 
Editions : Commerce and Call Center Editions

After clicking the Schedule Callback button, the Edit Calendar Event screen will appear.  Enter the following information:
  1. Title (default is Callback).
  2. Choose the Owner (either assign to self or to someone else for Callback) from the drop down menu.
  3. Time for callback.
  4. Duration. (This is a mandatory setting in Calendar).
  5. Choose the Priority from the drop down.
  6. Description

  7. If you wish to keep the event private, check the box next to "Private?".  The Private check box will keep other users with access to your calendar from seeing the description of the event.
  • To save the event, click on the   Save button. This will save your changes and close the Edit Calendar Event window.
  • To cancel any of the changes you have made, click the   Cancel button.
  • To print the current Edit Calendar Event window, click the   Print button. 
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