Sales Order Entry_RealTime Auth

Sales Order Entry_RealTime Auth

Module: Sales Order Entry
Topic: RealTime Auth
Version(s): Version 5.1 and up 
Editions: Commerce, Call Center

You can select a script to participate in real time credit card authorization from the Payment/Shipping tab of the script wizard. After this option is selected, choose the individual product offers you want to participate from the Product Offers tab of the script wizard. Once a product offer is selected to participate in real time authorization, a  money icon will be displayed next to the name of the product offer in the products section of the new order screen.

After selecting the product offer to pre-auth, click the process button; and the following Realtime Authorization popup will appear for a short amount of time while the transaction is being authorized:
If the transaction is approved, the following window will appear; asking if you wish to submit the order or go back to the order screen:

 If the transaction is declined, the following window will appear:
You must then close the RealTime Authorization window to return to the order screen to make any necessary changes. Once that is done you can attempt to submit the order again. When the maximum number of processing attempts has been reached, the following message will be displayed:

To submit the order without authorizing the credit card, click OK. To go back to the order and make any necessary changes, click Cancel. This dialog box will only appear if the option to submit the order without a pre-auth, is selected on the script.
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