Sales By Origin Report includes Continuity Orders

Sales By Origin Report includes Continuity Orders

The Sales By Origin Report, located under Reports -> Sales Reports, includes Continuity Orders in its totals. Currently the only way to filter out continuity shipments from the Sales by Origin Report is if the subsequent product offers are setup with separate Product Groups than the originating offers and one time shipment (OTS) offers.

The order totals in the Sales By Origin Report will not immediately tie out to either the Net Sales Report or the Gross Sales Report without first taking the steps below.

Net Sales Report - By default only Regular (aka OTS orders) and Enrollment (aka starting offers in an continuity sequence) orders are reported in the Net Sales Report and Continuity orders are filtered out. To include Continuity Orders click the Show Multiple icon to the right of the Order Type drop down menu and move Continuity from the "Available OrderTypes" column to the "Selected OrderTypes" column and click OK prior to running the report.

Gross Sales Report - To include Continuity Orders in the Gross Sales Report you will want to check the box on the right next to "Include Continuity Orders".

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