OrderLogix 5.1

OrderLogix 5.1

OrderLogix 5.1 Update Overview

Refer to the OrderLogix User Guide for more details and instructions. All features may not be available in all OrderLogix editions.

Login Enhancements

Improved Login (and Logout) experience

The application is now accessible via a new easy to remember URL: "login.orderlogix.com" or from our website at URL: “orderlogix.com/OLX-Login”. Users will now have the convenience of saving their user name, and they will no longer be required to enter two sets of passwords. Along with this feature, stronger passwords are now required. 

Call Center Edition users are no longer required to enter an extension for every login (in the past they had to type in "NA"). Now the extension is only required for CTI users, and this information is collected by a separate prompt after the user has been logged in.

The Logout prompt has an improved look, and now comes up quickly. 

Employee Preferences screen

A screen has been added for individual users to customize their experience. Currently, the user can use this screen to manage personal keys for file export, and some aspects of the GUI. (This will be further developed in upcoming versions) 

Security Enhancements

Improved Idle session security

Unattended OrderLogix application sessions will now automatically log out after a period of inactivity. A confirmation prompt will be shown to allow the user to continue the session if they plan to continue working.

Improved data export security

A new file download interface ensures that all data exported from OrderLogix is done in a secure manner. Files can be output using PGP or ZIP (with strong encryption support) 

User Experience

Overhauled Overview Screens

The following screens have been redesigned. Each of these screens include new graphs, charts, and tiles to provide a better overview of company data. 

- Processing Overview

- Sales Overview


- Customer Service Overview

Upgrades to the Order Detail Center

The Order Detail Screen has been optimized and improved:

- New Overview tiles provide high level details about the order at a glance. 

- Popups load faster without full page re-loads

- Some of the buttons above the Order Items grid are now dynamic and only appear when they are applicable to the order being viewed. (This will be further developed in upcoming versions) 


New “Single View” Customer Detail Center

The Customer Detail Screen has been redesigned to be much faster and display more information than ever before. More Order Detail Functions can be performed on this screen without having to navigate to the Order Detail screen. Agents can make better decisions when they can see the customer’s complete history.

  • New overview tiles provide high level details about the customer.
  • Payment & Shipping details for orders can now be edited from the Order History grid.
  • Packing slips and Receipts are now accessible from the Order History grid.
  • All information on the customer detail page can be filtered by Campaign or Product group.
  • Customer Service events can be filtered by various attributes. 
  • Layout of Customer Detail screen sections can be re-arranged (if desired).
  • Popups load faster without full page re-loads.
  • Added additional details to Order History grid, including balance due, and amount already paid.

New payment modes available to Customer Service Agents

Customer service agents can now perform pre-authorizations and settle pre-authorized items right from the Order Detail Screen. 

Notification Interface Improvements

The internal notification queue (seen on Customer Service and Sales overview pages) now launches in an integrated window and has an improved look & feel. The Notification Management screen has been reorganized so that Notification events for Item Status, CS Activity, and Script Disposition are less cluttered and easier to manage. 

Improved Customer Service Lookup Screens

The Customer, Order, Product & RMA lookup screens have been redesigned to run faster and look better. 

Improvements to Customer Continuity Management

The Customer Continuity popup now has an improved interface for processing single continuity orders. Also, there are new safeguards in place to prevent subscriptions that have been closed from being restarted. Auto-ships that are put on hold and resumed later now have their Next Ship date adjusted automatically to be eligible for processing again. Also, whether you call an Auto-ship an Auto-Ship or a Continuity or a Subscription or a Loyalty Program, your label has been added to all screens.

Improved Human Resource Screens (Some screens are only available in Commerce and Call Center Editions)

All the screens under the HR menu have been updated with a new look & feel. This includes the User Wizard, Departments, Teams, and Commission related popups. 

Improved Media Management Screens (Available in Commerce and Call Center Editions only)

The Media management screens have been redesigned to run faster and look better. 

Data Warehouse Exports

Organized the filters on the Data Warehouse Export into tabs so that individual filters can be located more easily. This change also allows all the filters to fit on one screen without needing to scroll down the page to find them.


New Inventory Management Tab on Product Offer Popup

Product Offer popup now features an Inventory tab. This tab allows configuration of the Inventory SKUs associated with the base item of the offer. This simplifies the setup of new products with inventory. The inventory tab displays a reminder that the base item may be linked with more than one offer, so that it is clear that this is not a Product Offer level SKU association.

New Features

Support for Processing Account Daily Limits

A daily or monthly dollar amount cap can now be configured for Payment Processing accounts. These settings are accessible via a new "Volume Caps" tab displayed on the Edit Payment Processing Account popup. When the dollar limit has been reached... no additional payment transactions will be put into the batches for the account, until the next day or month (depending on settings).

Agent Alert Feature

A popup message can be displayed to an individual agent, or to agents belonging to a team. The alert can be attached to specific customers or it can be displayed when the user first logs into OrderLogix. Alert messages can also be imported via file. 

Support for tax exempt customers

A customer can now be identified as Tax Exempt. Any orders or new items will not be charged tax. The OLX Order Import also supports the creation of tax-exempt customers, which is determined by setting a previously reserved field. If this information is not provided, the customer is created as Not Tax Exempt by default. 

Inventory SKU Substitution (Available in Commerce and Call Center Editions only)

Inventory can be exchanged, one SKU for another, when inventory is allocated to order items. Virtually any criteria related to the order can be used to determine if a SKU substitution is performed. Also, inventory specific criteria such as the depletion of an original SKU or the date of allocation can be taken into consideration. 

RMA Feature Enhancements

Added [RMA ID] as an alias that can be included in Notifications. Added feature to add a new product to an order when an RMA is created. This is used for sending a free exchange or replacement item for one that is returned. 

New Help System

The Help button on the top of the OrderLogix screen, and on individual popup windows now open the OrderLogix help & support online portal. This allows easy access to documentation, tutorials, and access to the ticket system for new support requests.


Under the Hood

Platform upgrades

The Application is now based on the .NET4.7 Framework. This allows OrderLogix to take advantage of the latest platform optimizations and fixes from Microsoft. More of our application has been centralized into a single application installation. In addition to simplifying configuration, this allows the same Authorization scheme to be used across the whole application.  This means no more having to add credentials again to view reports and other sensitive areas.

Improved Tax calculation 

Tax calculation in OrderLogix is now based on a more detailed tax table. Rates in some complex tax regions, such as Schenectady NY will be calculated more accurately. All tax calculation has been consolidated into a single subsystem which will allow 3rd party tax integrations to work with all parts of OrderLogix now.  

5.1 Detail List

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