OrderLogix Tax Options

OrderLogix Tax Options

Module: Tax Accounts
Topic: OrderLogix Tax Options
Version(s): 5.1 & up 
Editions: All

OrderLogix Tax Options

OrderLogix is currently offering 2 Tax Account options. There is Default or Internal Tax Provider V2 Account.


Selecting Default for the Tax Account will look up the tax rate based off the zip code record mapped to Campaigns > Tax Table. If there is more than one available record for the zip code, OrderLogix will select the highest tax value by default. If you need to set a client override, this is mapped to Company > Sales Tax Maintenance OR Campaigns > Tax Table. 
Campaigns > Tax Table will soon be deprecated as we move to Internal Tax Provider V2 Account

Internal Tax Provider V2 Account

Selecting Internal Tax Provider V2 Account for the Tax Account will look up the tax rate based off the zip code record found in an external file purchased from a Tax provider. If there is more than one available record for the zip code, OrderLogix will use an API call to a perform a rate lookup based off the full address (address1, city, county, and zip code). If you need to set a client override, this is mapped to Company > Sales Tax Maintenance.

Internal Tax Provider V2 Account Error

If there is an error during the API call agents will receive a popup that says "Error NewOrderServices.getTax:ErrorTaxCalculator.calculateTaxes:No response from tax service".
Agents can attempt to uncheck the last item selected and select again. If the error is presenting due to timing issue this allows the system the additional few seconds needed for a successful API call.

The order will create without a pre-auth, automatically going into item status of Item Pending Review and a CS Event will be created that says SYSTEM CREATED: Item status has been changed to Item Pending Review. Error occurred during tax calculation. 

You can edit (click on the pencil icon) the CS Event, check the Complete box, and click Save. You must click the Save button to make the API call again. The system will make another API call and only complete the CS Event if tax was successfully calculated and added to the order.

If there was not a successful API call the agent will see a popup that says "Could not release pending review items. Tax Calculation failed".

Agents can retry as many times as needed until CS Event completes. If agent has attempted three or more times and still unsuccessful, you are welcome to put in a ticket with OrderLogix help desk for support to review. Typically, if the API call fails it is due to a timing issue and the system needs an additional few seconds to connect. This is why we ask agents to attempt to complete more than one time before putting in a ticket.

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