News & Features

News & Features

Module : Home
Topic : News & Features
Version(s) : Version 5.1 and up 
Editions : All Editions

The News & Features section of the Home page contains a list of announcements and features.

  1. Navigate to the Home menu 
  2. To add a new news or feature message, click on the add icon  in the blue module bar.

    Only users with administrative privileges can add and edit the news & feature section.

  3. To edit an existing news or feature message, click the pencil icon next to the message you wish to edit.
  4. The   Announcement Details window will pop up.
  5. Enter the title of the message.
  6. If you want to enter a link with more information, enter it in the Read More Link section.
  7. Enter the description of the message.
  8. You can use the different options to customize the message. For information on the options, click the Help icon. This will display a list of options and what each one does.
  • To save changes to the message, click the Save button. This will save the current changes and close the Announcement Details window.
  • To cancel any of the current changes you have made, click the  Cancel button. This will close the Announcement Details window without saving any changes.
  • To print the current Announcement Details window, click the Print button.

News & Features

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Revised 6.3.2019

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