Net Sales Report vs. Cash Flow Report

Net Sales Report vs. Cash Flow Report

Two reports in OrderLogix that are commonly compared are the Net Sales Report and the Cash Flow Report. This article will outline how you will want to run these two reports so that the data is comparable as well as limitations that may prevent you from having matching totals between the two reports.


Between the two reports, the $ Net Total Revenue in the Net Sales Report and the Total Amount in the Cash Flow Report should be equal if you have considered all the points below.


Dates – The date range in the Cash Flow Report is the date range of the successful payment transaction. To ensure that you are comparing the same data between the two reports you will want to ensure that you select “Payment Date” from the Date Type filter in the Net Sales Report.

Refunds – The Cash Flow Report displays debit and credit payment transactions by default, while the Net Sales Report only includes debits. Be sure to filter the Cash Flow report by Transaction Type of “Debit Only”

Order Type – The Cash Flow Report will show transactions for all Order Types by default, whereas the Net Sales report will only show types of “Regular” and “Enrollment” unless you select “All” from the Order Type drop down.


A major difference between the Net Sales Report and the Cash Flow Report that you will want to keep in mind when comparing totals between these two reports is that the Cash Flow Report will include tax while the Net Sales report will not. If you do charge tax for orders included in these reports, then your totals between the two reports will not match.


If you have any questions regarding these reports, please refer to the Report Definitions for both of these reports Net Sales: Cash Flow:

Any further questions can be directed to OrderLogix Customer Care by submitting a support request.

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