Integrating OrderLogix with PayPal

Integrating OrderLogix with PayPal

Module: Payment Data
Topic: Integrating PayPal
Version(s): All
Editions: All

OrderLogix is integrated with PayPal. If you are interested in adding this functionality to your instance of OrderLogix, this article will provide you with the necessary steps for adding this gateway to your instance. 

To process payments with PayPal from OrderLogix, you must first submit a ticket to OrderLogix support requesting the PayPal PayFlow Pro gateway to be programmed for your instance. This gateway will allow you to process orders imported with a Billing Agreement ID (or BAID) as well as orders taken manually within OrderLogix. 

  • Orders entered in OrderLogix will process the same as they would with any other payment gateway.
  • Orders that are imported will need to be submitted with a Billing Agreement ID(or BAID) which is obtained from the shopping cart.
  • The BAID is passed in the TOKEN field of the import spec. In addition, the following fields will also need to be populated:
    • PAYMENT_TYPE: this will be AUTH
    • MERCHANT_TRANSACTION_ID: the transaction ID from the pre-authorization taken by PayPal
    • AMOUNT_ALREADY_PAID: the amount that was pre-authorized
    • PAYMENT_METHOD: will be CC
    • CC_TYPE: customer's card type
    • CC_NUMBER: dummy card number that corresponds to the customer's card type
    • EXP_DATE: expiration date of the customer's credit card

Specific requirements for setting up your shopping cart to accept payments through PayPal are provided in the attached document. 

If you have any further questions, please contact OrderLogix Support

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