Firewall Request Form

Firewall Request Form


This document provides technical information and specifications related to FTP & SFTP delivery within applicable editions of the OrderLogix application. This delivery method is made use of by Scheduled Deliveries. A form for requesting the necessary firewall rule changes at OrderLogix is also included.

This document may be distributed to vendors who will be hosting and FTP / SFTP server.


  • Supported Protocols
  • Unsupported Protocols
  • Server ports
  • OrderLogix IP Address
  • Firewalls
  • Firewall Change Request


Supported Protocols

Some editions of the OrderLogix application have the ability to deliver data files to an FTP server

Supported FTP protocols are:

  • FTP (typically port 21), passive mode (PASV)
    • Active mode connections not supported
  • SFTP (FTP over SSH, typically port 22)
    • SFTP authentication method supported is 'PASSWORD'.
    • Other SFTP authentication methods which are currently not supported include:
      • Public key authentication (main authentication method)
      • Host-based authentication
      • Keyboard authentication
    • More technical descriptions of authentication methods can be found here:
  • FTPS (FTP Secure, implicit, port 990)


Unsupported Protocols

Other variants of FTP that are NOT currently supported in the OrderLogix application are:

  • FTPS Explicit or FTPES


Server Ports

The default ports for FTP (port 21) and SFTP (port 22) are supported. Additionally, non-standard FTP/SFTP server ports are supported. If non-standard FTP/SFTP server ports are to be used, they must be specified in a Firewall Change Request.

OrderLogix IP Address

Outbound connection from OrderLogix’s network will originate from You may need to provide this information to the FTP / SFTP server administrator for firewall white-listing on the remote server network.



OrderLogix blocks all egress connections from our network by default. In order for the OrderLogix application to deliver files, we must create explicit firewall rules to allow connections out of the OrderLogix application to your FTP server.

Any time you wish to deliver to a new FTP server, or if an existing FTP server's IP address is modified, you will need to submit an OrderLogix Firewall Change Request form.

In order to service your request as expeditiously as possible, please supply us with the following information at least one full business day prior to testing.

We'll need the following information:

OrderLogix Firewall Change Request form

Today’s Date


Company Name


Your Name


Email Address


Type of Service

        o     FTP         o     SFTP        o     FTPS

FTP Server FQHN (Fully Qualified Host Name, e.g.:



FTP Server IP addresses (e.g.:

Please include multiple IP addresses if applicable (in cases of redundant connections, load balancing, etc.)



________ . ________ . ________ . ________


________ . ________ . ________ . ________

FTP Server Port


Organization associated with FTP site

(typically your client or campaign name)






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