Exports and Reports will not download in OLX

Exports and Reports will not download in OLX

Periodically when Microsoft Windows updates are done your security settings can be reverted. This can turn pop up blockers on and also reset your settings for prompts and downloads. When running exports or reports out of OLX such as the flattened export this will cause the open/save window to not appear or to not function properly and download links will not work for general exports. Please be sure that popup blockers have been turned off and also follow the below instructions: Open Internet Explorer, then go to Tools >Internet Options. Click the Security tab, then click trusted sites and then select the custom level button. Internet Security Settings opens in a new pop-up window.

Scroll down to where it says "Downloads", and make sure all 3 subsequent options are enabled. These include "Automatic prompting for file downloads", "File download" and "Font download". Finally, click OK in the Security Setting window and again in the Internet Options window.

In some versions of Internet Explorer, you may also have to hold down the 'Ctrl' key or the pop-up offering the file download will fail.

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