Export Error: Server error 4: Failure

Export Error: Server error 4: Failure

You may encounter one of the following errors when attempting to deliver/export a file to an FTP/SFTP/FTPs server:

Job starting...
Attempting to send test file
Unable to send test file.
Server error (4): Failure

Export completed. Please click link to download ->: Download
Total Items Exported: 1
Sending file to SFTP host.
Error in onStart():Server error (4): Failure

This error is generated as a result of OLX attempting to deliver a file to a remote FTP server when a file with the same name already exists and the FTP user account does not have permission to overwrite/delete the remote file.

Possible solutions include:
1. Manually remove/delete the file with the conflicting name from the FTP server
2. Work with the FTP site administrator to ensure there is an automated process which removes the conflicting file FTP server prior to your OLX scheduled export's delivery
3. Work with the FTP site administrator to add overwite/delete privileges to your FTP account; IMPORTANT- confirm that you want this change and that overwriting existing files could cause potential data loss
3. Request that OrderLogix re-code your export to deliver files with unique file names (e.g.: adding suffix of date/time); Confirm with export recipient that such a file name change would conform to their specifications.

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