Commission Processing

Commission Processing

Process all commissions for a given date range and run commission reports for payroll.

  1. Enter the latest date for an order to participate in commission processing.
  2. If you want to create a commission batch for these commissions, check the box next to that option. If this box is not checked the commissions will be displayed, but a commission batch will not be created. (Displaying the results more in a preview mode)
  3. Select the fiscal period, which is what the batch will be titled when running commission reports.
  4. Enter notes which is required, however many users will enter the last order date.
  5. Click the Process Commissions button to process the commissions.
  6. This will automatically enable the results tab to display and will give you calculations.

  1. You can schedule this job to run as well. Please see Automated schedules section.
  • To print the module, click on the print preview button in the blue module bar.
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