Add New Order

Add New Order

Module: Customer Detail Page
Topic: New Order
Version(s): Version 5.1 and up 
Editions: Standard, Commerce, Call Center

  • To create a new order for the customer who's record you are currently viewing, click the New Button.  The enter source info screen will appear:



  1. Choose the source from the drop down menu, you can select from DNIS, (which is what the system defaults to) Source or Promo code.
  2. Enter the Value of the DNIS which will bring you to the appropriate script.
  3. Select a Payment Method from the drop down list of stored payments for the given customer.
  4. Select a Billing Address from the drop down list of stored payments for the given customer.
  5. Select a Shipping Address from the drop down list of stored payments for the given customer.
  6. Note: It is not required to select a profile from the drop down menu's, if not you will just enter the information manually into the order screen.
  7. If you would like to enter a new profile from the Source screen, click the  "New Button. A appropriate New profile screen will appear. (See Address and Payment Profiles )


  • Click the Submit button, you will be brought to a new order screen; and all of the selections made will be pre-populated into the correct fields. If you did not make certain selections, you will manually enter the information into the appropriate fields.
  • To cancel any of the current changes you have made, click the Cancel button. This will close the Enter Source Info window without saving any changes.
  • Click the Print button to Print the Source Info window.
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