5.1.373 - Add Print Support to SIM Preview Mode

5.1.373 - Add Print Support to SIM Preview Mode

Version: 5.1
Application Category: 
Patch Type: 


Added a feature that allows printing of a set of SIM forms. To use this feature, view the SIM form in preview mode by hitting the Preview button on the SIM form management screen.

When the SIM script preview is active, hit the Print button once to enter "print preview" mode. In this mode, individual forms can be shown/hidden using the accordion style bars at the top of each form. Hidden forms will not be printed. Forms will be displayed in the default order according to how they were arranged in the SIM form management tab. 

Hitting the Print button a second time causes the browser print popup to appear, where the visible forms can be previewed and printed. 

  1. Add Print support to SIM Preview mode only.
  2. Add Show/Hide button for each form so user can hide specific form from printing. 
  3. Disabled navigation and other functionality
  4. Add Print support to SIM Preview mode only by using bootstrap builtin css classes. 


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