5.1.320 - Portal Alt Domain and Multi-Store Fixes

5.1.320 - Portal Alt Domain and Multi-Store Fixes

Version: 5.1
Patch: 320
Title: Portal Alt Domain and Multi-Store Fixes
Application Category: Other, CS Functionality
Patch Type: Feature


Fixes and enhancements to the Customer Portal:
1. Added hidden option for alternate URLs, to be used with new portal account invitation, password resets, or other account actions. This is for use in scenarios where there are multiple websites that use the same Portal

2. Fixes to Multi-Portal support. CS agents can now select which Portal to send an invitation for (if there are multiple portals). Password links, account messages will now originate from the correct portal

3. Added campaign level association of Orders to a Portal  (and to alternate URL's if they have been installed). These settings allow notifications to create invitations to the correct portal based on the order campaign. Customers can have multiple accounts, one per Portal in OLX, so they can be invited to each separately based on which campaigns they have ordered from. 

4. Added additional external endpoints to allow some account actions (password resets, invitations) to be implemented on a website (rather than using the built-in screens of the Portal)

5. Fixed DB performance issue that could occur when users login without an associated customer yet (in cases where they have a Portal Account created in advance of placing a first order)

6. Fixed error loading orders when there are encrypted expiration dates. Some older instances may contain these.


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