409 - Finder Files Import and Management UI

409 - Finder Files Import and Management UI

Version: 5.1
Patch: 409
Title: Finder Files Import and Management UI
Application Category: Other, Import Processing, Order Entry
Patch Type: Feature


Note: This feature is not available in all installed instances of OLX yet, it requires additional software to be configured. 

Added Finder File import as standard import 

Added finder file management screen to the menu: Company Data->Advertising->Manage Finder Files.
The primary way for getting Finder File data into the application is by using the Import, however this screen can be used to modify individual entries in the finder file table. 

Feature enabled optional feature code "FFCE" is enabled, AND the application instance is configured to host React applications. 


  1. Finder Files and Keycodes (orderlogix.com)
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